Assignment 0 : Setup

In this course, there will be four homework assignments (not counting this one). These assignments will be automatically graded and their results will be uploaded to a leaderboard, which will show assignment-level and cumulative leaders for each assignment.

Do this now

In order to setup the homework environment, please do the following:

  • Sign up for our Piazza course.
  • Email Matt Post with the following information:
    • Your name
    • Your preferred email address
    • A handle (this will identify you on the leader board)
    • A base URL where we can download your assignments (see below)
  • Upload your "assignment0.txt" file to your designated location. This file should contain a single number.

Base URL

The leaderboard will score and rank your assignments, both on a per-assignment and cumulative basis. In order to automate this process, we need to know where to find your files. Each assignment in the course will be submitted by making available the output of your assignment at some set location. This location will be:


If you have web space (say on the CS servers), your BASE_URL could be there (e.g., If you don't have access, you can used a service like Dropbox. Dropbox, in particular, allows you to create a folder in your Public folder and then share the URL with us (it will look something like

If you have questions about this or problems producing a BASE_URL, please post them to Piazza.


Assignment 0 is evaluated according to an unknown metric. Some numbers are better than others.

Assignment 0 does not count against your grade.


The leaderboards will be posted as soon as there is data. The board will work as follows: as soon as a homework is posted, we will look for assignment solutions for every student every hour on the hour. These files will be scored and used to update the leader board. You can change this file as often as you'd like; we will use the latest results. Your official project turn-in will be whatever we download at project due time, which will typically be 11:59 PM EDT.