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Homework & Leaderboard setup

For this course, we use an automated homework submission system built on Google App Engine. One component of this system is the leaderboard, which introduces a competitive element into the assignments with realtime display of student submissions according to their scores on assignment metrics. Participation in the leaderboard is optional, and submissions are anonymized with a handle of your choosing.

You should follow the steps in this document to make sure that everything is working for you.

  1. Visit the course submission page at You will need a Google account, if you don’t already have one; use it to sign in.

  2. This system is used to upload all homework assignments, but participation in the leaderboard is optional. To remove yourself from the leaderboard, uncheck the checkbox and click “Update”. Otherwise, choose a handle, or keep the default (your Google nickname).

  3. Assignment 0 (this one) and Assignment 1 have been activated. Use the file submission dialog to upload your submissions.

Assignment 0

Assignment 0 expects a file containing a single number. The leaderboard displays a simple nonmonotonic function of this number, and sorts the entries according to the highest value.