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Date Topic Readings
Jan 24 Introduction and MT
  • Koehn (2010), Statistical Machine Translation, Chapter 4
Jan 26 MT and Large Language Models
Jan 31 Survey of Multilingual NLP
Feb 02 Multilingual Information Extraction
Feb 07 Project Proposal Presentations
Feb 09 Cross-Language Information Retrieval (CLIR)
Feb 14 Multilingual Information Retrieval (MLIR)
Feb 16 Multilingual Spoken Language Understanding (SLU)
Feb 21 Multilingual Semantics (Guest Lecture by Elias Stengel-Eskin)
Feb 23 Multilingual Question Answering
Feb 28 Multilingual QA (Methods)
Mar 02 Typology
Mar 07 Bilingual Lexicon Induction (BLI) (Guest Lecture by Kelly Marchisio)
Mar 09 Code-Switching
Mar 14 Low-Resource
Mar 16 GPT-4
Mar 28 Multilingual Dialogue Systems
Mar 30 Mid-Point Project Presentations
Apr 06 Multilingual Representation Learning
Apr 11 Multilingual Automatic Speech Recognition
Apr 13 Phonology
Apr 20 Multilingual Text-to-Speech
Apr 25 Putting It All Together
Apr 27 Final Project Presentations