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Submissions will close at 11:59 pm on Tuesday, January 27.

Alien Translation & Leaderboard Setup


In this course, the coding portion of each assignment will be graded automatically in real-time, with results being made available on the leaderboard after they are processed. An email confirmation will accompany each submission. You may submit as many times as you like before the deadline, but only your final result will be used when assigning an overall grade for the assignment.

Homework 0

This handout shows a parallel corpus between two alien languages. You’ll use this data to translate some alien words and sentences.

  1. Try to draw lines between the words that are translations of each other. Start out by finding words that occur in multiple source sentences, like “ghirok”, and see if you can find words that appear in all of the corresponding target sentences. Do you notice any patterns in how the words translate? Do you think that the prefix “ok-“ corresponds to something? You do not have to turn anything in for this step.

  2. This file contains some words and sentences. Write a text file named hw0.txt containing your translations, one per line, and submit it on Biglab using the following instructions.

Submission Instructions

  1. Create two additional text files of one line each with your desired leaderboard alias (the name by which you will be identified on the leaderboard) and preferred email address. Name them alias.txt and email.txt, respectively.

  2. Log in to Biglab Server 17, either directly using the command


    or through Eniac using the command sequence

     ssh big17
  3. Submit your alias, email address, and translation files using the following command:

     turnin -c cis526 -p hw0 alias.txt email.txt hw0.txt

It is crucial that you submit from Biglab Server 17, as this is the server on which the leaderboard monitor script will be running. If you submit from another location, your submission will be recorded, but your score will not be updated on the leaderboard, and you will not receive an email confirmation.

Any questions should be be posted on the course Piazza page.