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Subject to change as the term progresses.

Date Topic Readings (starred=graduate level)
Jan 15 Introduction
Jan 20 Probability and Statistics
  • Koehn, chapters 3
Jan 22 Language Models
Jan 27 Lexical Translation Models: Part 1
Jan 29 Lexical Translation Models: Part 2
Feb 03 Discriminative alignment models
Feb 05 Phrase-based Machine Translation
Feb 10 Phrase-based Machine Translation part 2
Feb 12 Evaluating translation quality
Feb 17 Evaluating translation quality - part 2
Feb 19 Discriminative training
Feb 24 Discriminative training - part 2
Feb 26 Re-ordering for phrase-based translation
Mar 03 Synchronous Grammars
Mar 05 Class canceled because of snow (instead we held a Google Hangout discussing final project topics)
Mar 10 No class today (Spring Break)
Mar 12 No class today (Spring Break)
Mar 17 Decoding and Inference with Syntactic Translation Models
Mar 19 Harvesting Parallel Documents from the Web
Mar 24 Crowdsourcing translation
Mar 26 Paraphrasing
Mar 31 Guest lecture by Liang Huang - CUNY Queens
Apr 02 Guest lecture by Wei Xu - Penn
Apr 07 No class today (Instructor will be giving a talk at Carnegie Mellon University)
Apr 09 Guest lecture by Matt Post (Johns Hopkins University HLTCOE)
Apr 14 Translation without parallel corpora
Apr 16 Guest lecture by Will Lewis (Microsoft Research) on the Skype speech-to-speech translation system. If you would like a copy of the slides, email CCB.
Apr 21 Christian Buck (PhD student at the University of Edinburgh)
Apr 23 Guest lecture by Kenneth Heafield (Bloomberg)
Apr 28 Course wrap-up

Many of the lectures from this course were adapted from Chris Dyer, Adam Lopez and Matt Post. I am grateful to them for making their lecture materials available.